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Our experienced team is proud to offer our patients throughout Orange County the industry-leading All-on-4™ Implants!

Among the many benefits there are to the All-on-4™ treatment, cost is one of the biggest advantages over dentures, removable prosthetics, or dental implants. 


The procedure is best for patients that have suffered from significant tooth loss or decay and for patients whose bone loss in the jaw is preventing them from getting traditional dental implants. Often times, tooth loss is accompanied by loss of bone in the jaw which creates the necessity for reconstruction of the jaw bone – requiring a bone grafting procedure to be done.

Additionally, we also offer single tooth implants for those missing one tooth or beyond that doesn't fit within the all-on-4. Both options replace the natural tooth and root.

In general, all the lab work is performed in-house. With the lab, we're able to offer a faster turnaround time and more patient-focused approach to detailing the needs to your mouth. Whether specializing the color, shape, or size of the tooth or retainer, our in-house lab works with you to get what you want when you need it.

To set up a consultation to see if All-on-4™ is a good match for you, call 714-248-9883 or!

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